Animal Protection Society

Creating Pawsibilites

Celebrate Holi, but prevent harming animals of any kind

It’s crucial to emphasize the importance of not involving pets and community animals in Holi celebrations where they could be harmed.
We have to remember that animals, unlike humans, cannot easily remove substances like colors from their fur or skin by themselves. The chemicals present in colors used during festivals like Holi can indeed cause major medical concerns for animals if ingested or if they come into contact with their eyes, nose, or skin.
Providing a safe and secure environment for pets and community animals during festivals like Holi is essential. This includes keeping them indoors, away from areas where celebrations are taking place, and ensuring they have access to clean water and food.
Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that animals are not exposed to these harmful substances and are kept safe during such celebrations. Providing them with a secure and protected environment away from areas where colors are being used is vital for their well-being.
Additionally, educating communities about the potential dangers to animals during festivals and promoting alternative ways to celebrate that do not involve harm to animals can help raise awareness and foster a more compassionate approach to animal welfare.
Let’s celebrate responsibly and ensure that our festivities do not cause harm to any living being, including our animal companions. Their safety and welfare should always be a top priority.


Dr.Mala Mattha
Founder-Animal Protection Society