About Us

Greetings to all.

Animal Protection Society (APS) is a Non- Governmental Organization that is established to rescue and protect stray animals. We primarily focus on rescuing and treating stray animals who are injured or ill and are deprived of medical support.

APS accumulates the resources in the form of the workforce, medications, raw materials, veterinary assistance, and donations from the individuals who wish to contribute to the betterment of the furry lives who have suffered from the ailments and cruelty.

APS Initiatives 

  • Animal rescues/adoptions
  • Stray dogs/cats first aid drives
  • Feeding programs for stray animals
  • Preparing and collecting rice, lentils, and dry food
  • Carrying out awareness camps at schools, colleges, public places, corporate spaces, etc.
    Fighting against animal cruelty

How you can help Street Animals?

1. Report immediately if you see an animal in discomfort.
2. Adopt a stray animal or an abandoned animal than going after the fancy breeds.
3. Donate medicines or food for the animals.
4. Be compassionate to each animal.
5. Educate your peers to be responsible and caring.